December 12th

December 12th 1972

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On December 12th, 1969 a bomb went off at the Piazza Fontana in Milan that killed 16 people and injured 84. Railway worker and anarchist activist Giuseppe Pinelli was picked up, along with other anarchists, for questioning regarding the attack. He was held and interrogated for three days, longer than Italian law specified that people could be held without seeing a judge. Just before midnight on December 15, 1969 Pinelli was seen to fall to his death from a fourth floor window of the Milan police station. Although officially deemed a suicide, the reporter who watched the fall from the street maintained that he was pushed. Three police officers interrogating Pinelli were put under investigation in 1971 for murder but charges were dropped because of lack of evidence.

  • Released: 1972-05-20
  • Runtime: 42 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Stars: Edoardo Di Giovanni, Marcello Gentili, Augusto Ludovichetti, Rosa Malacarne, Liliano Paolucci, Licia Pinelli, Cornelio Rolandi, Achille Stuani
  • Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giovanni Bonfanti