10000 Hours

10000 Hours 2014

5.444 18

Eric, an ordinary man in his mid 30s with an ordinary job, wins a large sum of money playing the lottery. Despite his total lack of talent, he quits his job and sets off to learn how to play soccer. Eric firmly believes that if he spends 10,000 hours of training on what he sets his mind to, he can master just about anything.

  • Released: 2014-04-04
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Stars: Peter Magnusson, Mathilda von Essen, Karin Lithman, Özz Nûjen, Jonny Blomkvist, Christian Brandin, Signe Dahlkvist, Nils Dernevik, Sten Erici, Siw Erixon, Patrik Fridh, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Anders Johansson, Anna-Sara Kennedy, Kardo Razzazi, Magnus Schmitz, David Carlsson, Jennica Landén, Jessica Aleryd, Erik Fornander  Show all >
    Robert Holik
  • Director: Joachim Hedén