Zorome no San Kyoudai

Zorome no San Kyoudai 1972

In Osaka, a family sets up shop in Tsuruhashi. Trouble brews for three brothers – Jinzuke, Tadayoshi, and Eizo – when they come together in their hometown, Nakano Village, after getting word of their father's critical condition. In a Nakano Village divided by a clash between local pig bristle brush manufacturers and the village chief's group over factory expansion, the latter resorts to harassing the brush manufacturers associated with the Wadakura family. Tadayoshi and the villagers attempt to take on the village office but encounter opposition from the Wadakura family's interference. Meanwhile, Jinzuke finds himself at odds with the Wadakura family over territorial disputes in Tsuruhashi. He faces off against them, striving to thwart their factory plans...

  • Released: 1972-01-15
  • Runtime: 88 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Crime
  • Stars: Akira Shioji, Hachirō Oka, Kenji Ushio, Akira Kobayashi, Ryō Nishida, Tatsuo Endō, Tsunehiko Watase, Bin Amatsu, Kunie Tanaka
  • Director: Kōsaku Yamashita